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Disconnected: Deceit & Betrayal at WorldCom

WorldCom was a true success story. Combining ground-floor understanding of a new technology with an all-too-American brass and brashness, it grew from a tiny company in rural Mississippi into a 20-million customer global telecom juggernaut.
This explosive growth, however, is not what will be forever burned into the public's memory. It will instead be WorldCom's spectacular implosion. The largest bankruptcy in U.S. history, billions of dollars in retirement savings erased, congressional and SEC investigations, corporate leaders smiling grimly as they are led away in handcuffs ...
This is WorldCom's lasting legacy.
Disconnected provides you with a front row seat to the WorldCom disaster. Journalist Lynne Jeter uses her two decades of experience covering WorldCom, along with her inside connections as a longtime Mississippi business reporters, to examine how a company that created so much wealth was able to lose so much so quickly. Filled with fascinating financial details and entertaining anecdotes of the Runyonesque characters that created, and then all but destroyed, WorldCom, Disconnected takes you inside this telecom giant.